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Cricket in Plymouth, Minneapolis

With a bat, ball and wickets, cricket is a game played between two teams. While popular across the globe, this sport is finding a new home in the United States. Eka Sport and Minnesota Youth Cricket Academy have created a community for athletes, enthusiasts, and those who want to learn more about cricket. Youth cricket coaching, an indoor cricket training facility, and certified cricket coaches provide opportunities for all players regardless of skill and experience to come together as Eka, or One.

Eka Sport

Eka Sport is the Minnesota hub for cricket athletes and enthusiasts. With the state's first indoor cricket training facility, Eka Sport creates a space for community to gather and play as One. Eka Sport partners with Minnesota Cricket Association and provides a vital link to both minor and major league USA Cricket teams. Eka Sport is also the home of MYCA.

Minnesota Youth Cricket Academy (MYCA)

A program within Eka Sport, MYCA is Minnesota's leading youth cricket academy with programs that train beginner through advanced athletes. ICC certified coaches lead MYCA teams. By partnering with other cricket academies, MYCA provides its players with bilateral friendlies and tournament opportunities. MYCA offers cricket coaching for different age groups and skill levels in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. 


The founding members Golam Sayeed, Piyush Patel, Pavan Sulibhavi and Nick Beecher bring together several decades of experience in cricket and youth development. The Executive Team works alongside athletes, coaches, families and community to foster a healthy engagement in sports so both the individual and team can realize their maximum potential.  

Coaches and Staff

Dedicated coaches and staff help all players (regardless of age, gender, race or ability) grow in talent, build skill, have fun, and develop positive sportsmanship to better the game for all.

Indoor Cricket Facility

Indoor Cricket Training Facility

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday: By Appointment only 

  • Monday: Closed 

  • Tuesday: 5pm-9pm

  • Wednesday: 5pm-9pm

  • Thursday: 5pm-9pm

  • Friday: 5pm-9pm

  • Saturday: By Appointment only



15314 Minnetonka Industrial Rd

Minnetonka, MN 55345

612-756-7686: Call or Message

Cricket Academy
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