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MYCA Academy programs

Discover our comprehensive range of cricket academy programs designed to develop and hone your cricketing skills. From junior coaching for young talents to specialized training for elite players, our programs cater to all ages and skill levels. Join us to receive expert coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment that fosters your cricketing journey. Whether you're new to the game or aiming for professional success, our academy has a program tailored just for you. Join one of our Academy Programs today and gear up for success! As a special welcome, each new enrollee will receive a MYCA branded high-quality jersey, comfortable trousers, and a stylish cap. This isn't just sportswear; it's your new uniform for cricket excellence!

Family Playing Cricket

Beginner Program

Welcome to the Exciting World of Cricket! 

Hop into Our Beginner's Adventure! Whether you are just getting started or just curious about the game, dive into our whirlwind of cricket fun! Our awesome coaches are here to guide you through every leap and bound of this thrilling sport.

  • Skills Extravaganza! Get ready to swing like a pro, bowl like a champ, and field like a superhero! We'll turn you into a cricket wizard in no time.

  • Get set to amaze your friends and yourself with your new-found skills!

Cricket Bat and Ball

Intro to hardball

Are you ready to take your cricketing skills to the next level? Our Intro to Hardball program is designed for enthusiastic young cricketers who are looking to transition from softball (beginner) cricket to the exciting world of hardball cricket. This program is the perfect bridge to the more advanced, thrilling, and competitive form of the game.

  • Learn the art of batting and use of different cricket gear.

  • Learn various bowling techniques including pace and spin, and how to maintain line and length.

  • Dive deep into the rules, strategies, and mental aspects of hardball cricket.

Kids celebrating playing cricket, Competitive cricket, cricket coaching

Intermediate Program(Age Wise)-U11, U13, U15, U17

Elevate Your Game to the Next Level For those who have already dipped their toes in the cricketing waters, our intermediate Sessions are aimed at taking your skills to a higher plane. Led by experienced coaches and mentors, this program focuses on refining your techniques and game strategies.

  • Advanced Techniques: Hone your batting, bowling, and fielding skills.

  • Mental Toughness: Develop a strong and focused mindset for competitive play.

  • Match Simulation: Participate in real-game scenarios to fine-tune your skills.

Youth Development is our passion

Welcome to the Minnesota Youth Cricket Academy(MYCA), where we are dedicated to grooming the next generation of cricketing talent. Our academy offers a wide range of age-level programs designed to cater to aspiring young cricketers, from beginners to advanced players. Our primary goal is to provide a nurturing environment that instills a love for the game while developing skills, knowledge, and character.

Minnesota Youth Cricket Academy

What Sets MYCA Apart?

  • Qualified Coaches: Our coaching staff comprises experienced, certified coaches who have a deep passion for the game and a commitment to player development.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: We provide access to top-quality facilities, including batting cages, bowling machines, and well-maintained cricket fields, to ensure that every player can practice and refine their skills.

  • Character Development: At MYCA, we believe in nurturing not only cricketing skills but also the character and values of our young athletes. We instill teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline in all our programs.

  • Year-Round Training: Our academy offers year-round training opportunities, including seasonal camps and clinics, so players can continually develop their abilities.

  • Competitive Opportunities: For those who aspire to compete at higher levels, MYCA offers pathways to regional and national competitions, giving players the chance to showcase their talent.

Cricket Academy
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