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Ladies Night at Eka Sport in Minnetonka - a truly exhilarating experience!

Eka Sport hosted a highly anticipated Ladies Night on Saturday, January 20, at their state-of-the-art indoor Cricket facility, the only one of its kind in Minnesota. The evening was a delightful experience for local women cricketers and enthusiasts alike. A heartfelt thank you goes to Shreyanga Beecher, Kiran Patel, and Shweta Sulibhavi for orchestrating such a memorable night for Eka Sport.

This event was designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants regardless of their cricket-playing experience. Eka Sport is committed to elevating women's cricket in Minnesota to new heights. Equipped with a team of ICC certified coaches, Eka Sport has been actively involved in training, mentoring, and preparing Minnesota's youth cricketers for competitions at the state, zonal, and national levels.

Reflecting on the successful event, Shreyanga Beecher, one of the main organizers, expressed, "It was great to see a good turnout. Together, we can make a difference in women's cricket." Eka Sport extends an invitation to local ladies to visit the Minnetonka Cricket facility, explore upcoming programs, or simply enjoy the company of fellow cricket enthusiasts while watching live cricket actions. Eka sport also offers free viewing opportunities for international women Cricket matches!

The event concluded with a fun-filled cricket match that was truly a blast!

For more information on Eka Sport, subscribe to our website: or email us at

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